[[Blog]]$\quad$ • $\quad$[[Media]]$\quad$ • $\quad$[[Research]]$\quad$ • $\quad$[[Teaching]]$\quad$ • $\quad$[[Education]]$\quad$ • $\quad$[[Art]] [![[HH.jpg|300]]](<About this site>) Hello, and welcome! I am a post-doc in cryptology at the [Department of Mathematical Sciences (IMF)](https://www.ntnu.edu/imf) at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, Norway, where I have been since the year [[Date format|12,023]]. Here, I am part of the [NTNU Applied Cryptology Lab (NaCl)](https://www.ntnu.edu/iik/nacl-lab), where I research the provable security of quantum-safe cryptographic protocols, typically together with [Tjerand Silde](https://tjerandsilde.no).[^1] I am a member of the [[IACR|International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR)]], and the [[Gemini Center on Quantum Computing]]. Aside from my research, I am a musician playing in (and de facto managing) [[happydieyoung]]. There is an [[DEATH POP|album]] upcoming. We play [[hdy-konserter|gigs]]. My work email is [hans.heum (at) ntnu.no](mailto:[email protected]); feel free to reach out if you have any academia-related questions or requests. For other communications, my personal email [hans (at) heum.me](mailto:[email protected]) is preferable. [^1]: More specifically, I am interested in tightening security proofs relying on [[Quantum Random Oracle Model]] for a range of protocols, such as public-key encryption, digital signatures, and electronic voting protocols like [[Shuffle]]. Besides this, I am deeply fascinated with the rapidly evolving development of [[Kvanteuniverset|quantum computers]], and hope to one day be able to use them to simulate [[N=4 Super Yang-Mills|esoteric quantum field theories]].